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They do go above and beyond

by samarkand at Citysearch   

Rating:   5 Star Rating: Highly Recommended

I’ve never really written a review on a site like this, but I had to for EEVMC because they are such a far cry from what I’d become used to with other local vets. Not only is the medical staff top-notch, but the office staff is amazing. I never really thought about how important having great front-office staff was until I had to leave my old vet due to paperwork kept getting lost, phone calls not returned, orders for food and medicines misplaced or ordered late, vaccination records confusing and unkempt, etc…. We moved to EEVMC, and I was delighted by how well-organized their facility is. Their staff keep all records up-to-date and easily accessible, the office is primarily paperless with everything going directly into computer records immediately, and whenever I need my pets’ information for boarding or to get medications, the staff are ready, willing and able to do whatever needs to be done to get the correct information to the people who need it in a very timely manner.

Medically, I can’t complain at all. They’ve provided excellent care to both my cats and my dogs, and saw one of my cats through to the end of his life and helped him pass with dignity and compassion. They handle both my dogs very well, even though one is an intimidating combination of large and skittish. They always do their utmost to help him become comfortable with being examined and never try to just wrestle him into submission like vets at our former practice used to.

Their prices are comparable to the practice I used prior to moving all my pets to EEVMC. Veterinary pricing varies a lot depending on the region of the country and whether it’s a rural or urban area, but I find EEVMC’s prices to be perfectly reasonable for this area.

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Great vets, great staff, environmentally friendly

5 Star Rating: Highly Recommended

09/22/2008 Posted by CMarriott

I’ve been taking my cats to EEVMC since the practice opened in summer 2007. My cats have each had a couple of check-ups, vaccinations, and a teeth cleaning. The vets are awesome and are really good at what they do. They genuinely care about me and my cats. The staff members are really sweet, too. It’s easy to get an appointment and parking on Ellsworth has never been an issue for me. The clinic has a few (free) parking spots in back, too. Another bonus: the clinic is a green building – good for the environment and good for my cats.

Pros: experienced and caring vets, nice staff, environmentally friendly

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BEST VET!!! Everyone is nice and helpful!

5 Star Rating: Highly Recommended

12/29/2007 Posted by anidchick

I had been looking for a new Vet. to take my cats to and liked the idea of the East End Vet. being green. I had went into the appointment with my cat having high expectations and I was not disappointed! Everyone there was extremly nice when we went in they took my cat and I into a room right away and let her walk around the entire room. They took a picture of her that shows up on a profile on their computer where they keep thier records which I thought was great. I had doctor Dr. Fisher and he took the time to sit and talk to me about my cat and all the findings he had. My cat who was clearly nervous at first but calmed down being able to walk around and explore on her own. I highly recommend this Vet!!!

Pros: Patient, Parking, Service, Doctor, Green

Cons: NONE

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User Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

by Karla

I have visited this vet twice – first in December 2007 and second today. My elderly cat was having problems and declining and today she had to be put to sleep. I saw both vets on my two visits and today I saw Dr. Ken Fisher. The entire staff is and was wonderful. They are thoughtful, considerate, and help to identify the best course of action for the pet and the family. I had to put my Mother’s cat to sleep several years ago in another city and my experience was so different from today’s. At East End there was no pressure to put my pet through endless procedures. Instead several options with pros and cons were offered (i.e., certain types of care vs. euthanasia). Dr. Fisher clearly expressed that any of the options were valid and my decision would be supported and respected. This helped so much and made me feel less guilty and able to determine what was best for my cat. I highly recommend East End and especially Dr. Fisher. Thank you!

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Wonderful staff and service

5 Star Rating: Highly Recommended

05/22/2008 Posted by mediumarmadillo

Dr. Cangin and everyone else at EEVMC take great care of my ten yr old beagle, are extremely helpful, and knowledgeable and clearly care about their work and their patients. Two thumbs (and four paws) up! Pros: Staff, care, parking, clean (and green!) environment

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One of the Best

My first trip to this clinic was one of my best ever for my sick kitty! I tried several other vets in the area and they were booked and would not squeeze me in. With this clinic, I got an appointment the next day. I was impressed with the free parking and cheerful receptionist in a nicely appointed waiting room. There were no animal smells and the examination areas were spotless. The staff were friendly and caring with Dr. Fisher being especially nice, kind, and sympathetic. He performed an extensive exam, explained options and treatments, and did not talk down to me. I would recommend this clinic to any new clients and will continue to take my felines there.

August 14, 2008 by sara zavosnik in Pittsburgh, PA

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This place is great. The staff is very well informed and personable. I felt very comfortable in the vets knowledge. They actually listen to your concerns and address them! The building is also very nice. They have parking behind their building or on the street.

Posted By:  Kate A., Pittsburgh, PA

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Helped with my senior diabetic dog

My chihuahua has had two bouts of acute pancreatitis in her 13 years, She recently developed symptoms which seemed to indicate diabetes, so I took her to EEVMC. I am happy I did. She was evaluated and prescribed insulin, and is doing well 9 months later. A relatively new practice in Pgh, EEVMC has two vets. Both are excellent. Their offices are attractive and comfortable. Their building was designed to be “green” to protect the environment. I highly recommend them.
openlist – user review – 01/17/2009

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April 16, 2009

I have lived in 4 states and have been a multiple pet owner for over 30 years. While in Pittsburgh I have taken my animals (who are like my children) to at least 7 vets and I have been frustrated with all of them. Hands down the EEVC is by far the best I have ever been to anywhere! Everyone that works there is knowledgeable, friendly and positive. They are always on time, I have never had to wait to be seen. Their prices are reasonable and they even have parking. They saved my 8 week old kitten that was diagnosed with Panleukopenia. They recently spayed my cat, repaired her hernia, vaccinated my dog, did a heart worm check and some other procedures for a very reasonable sum. If you are thinking about switching vets, do not wait any longer. It is my experience that the switch will be the best move and you will not be disappointed.

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